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Call today:  (901) 794-1800
About Us

About The Taekwondo University

Our Vision… to create Successful, Purpose Inspired, Principle Based, Black Belt Achieving Students.


Who we are… Taekwondo University IS an excellent Taekwondo program that offers professional Taekwondo training and produces great quality Black Belts certified by the United Taekwondo Alliance and Grand Master Brumley.


Taekwondo University IS an excellent developmental program that specialized in instilling Confident, Focus and Discipline in the lives of our students, using the art of Taekwondo as our vehicle.

Taekwondo University’s Mentor’s mentor the students using the Live Your Potential Principles to develop the character traits of success, like having a positive attitude, being courageous and responsible.


Taekwondo University’s Mentor’s mentor the students to fulfill their PURPOSE by helping them achieve their GOALS, so they may Live Their Potential.


Taekwondo University is home to the Live Your Potential (LYP) Program, where Taekwondo University is the only Martial Arts Program in the World that can use the Live Your Potential (LYP) Program.


Taekwondo University’s Live your Potential (LYP) Program is “A Life-Changing Adventure!”


The LYP Program has 9 Principles that help develop our students to become well-skilled, highly- confident, self-disciplined Black Belts.


The Taekwondo University students earn 3 awards towards each belt, on their journey to becoming a well-skilled, highly-confident, self-disciplined Black Belt.


Not only are there Taekwondo physical responsibilities for each award, but there are Live Your Potential Principle responsibilities as well:

To earn the 1st award, the student must also MEMORIZE the LYP principle.
To earn the 2nd award, the student must also UNDERSTAND what the LYP principle means And, to earn the 3rd award, the student must IMPLEMENT the LYP principle in their life.


The LYP Principles are taught in 3 levels:


1. The Beginner Level students learn the Thought, Power of the Mind & the Champions Attitude Principles, which provides mental and emotional strength as well as a positive attitude.


2. The Intermediate Level students learn the Purposeful, Purpose in Life & My Purpose Principle, which provides a Life-Long pursuit of Living a Purposeful Life.


3. The Advance Level students learn the “No Excuse”, Confidence and Courage and the Response- Ability Principle, which Eliminate Excuses and provides a Life of Confidence, Courage, and Responsibility.


“Inspiration arrives when you define your purpose in life”- Grand Master Terry Brumley


Each student gets a purpose session with Grand Master Brumley where they define their purpose and set big goals.

We then use our A.I.M. Mentoring to guide our students in achieving those goals:

– Accountability
– Inspiration
– Motivation

The Mentor’s keep the student’s Accountable to their goals, Inspired by their Purpose and Motivated to achieve their Goals which will lead them to Live Their Potential.