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Call today:  (901) 794-1800
The Bartlett Team

Ginger DiTullio

Taekwon-Do University Bartlett
Bartlett Director

I am the mother of 2 wonderful sons. My youngest is presently a blue belt and working towards earning his black belt in Taekwondo. I have recently married a wonderful New Yorker , Michael, who also has become a part of our Taekwondo Program.

I am a native Memphian. Being an alumnae from The University of Memphis, where I received my BBA in Finance , my roots are firmly grounded in our community.

I have had multiple fulfilling careers . I opened the SE Red Bull US  markets. I had the opportunity to help many families with Hospice. I owned a Sports Marketing firm and I also was the Director of Shelby County Drug Court.

I am blessed to have done multiple things in my life that have all led me here . The one consistent theme is all of my occupations were about helping people. Through the companies I have worked for, I have helped people get energy , helped people prepare as a loved one was leaving this earth, helping sports writers and coaches get published and recognized, and helping people start their lives over.

When I met Grand Master Terry Brumley , I knew that everything I have done in my life had led me here to Taekwondo 🥋 University. We are all committed to helping people and children to find their purpose in life and live their potential. Through our mentoring and Taekwondo program ,  we have the opportunity to teach others how to focus, set goals and find confidence at any age.

I am grateful every day to be on this journey with Grand Master Brumley and Mrs Julie Brumley.

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