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Call today:  (901) 794-1800
The Bartlett Team

Mr. Joe Simon

5th Degree Black Belt
Taekwon-Do University Bartlett

Instructor Joe Simon started training in Taekwondo in July 2007. He received his Black Belt in the Continental Taekwondo Organization (CTO) under 7th Degree Sr. Master Jack Hauswirth. As a 1st Degree Black Belt, Instructor Joe Simon became a member of the United Taekwondo Alliance Men’s Team USA.

For the next 4 years he competed in 4 International Tournaments Ranging from England, Tulsa OK, Scotland, & Orlando. He also competed in International Taekwondo Federation Tournaments. He’s has advanced in rank via the Taekwondo University (3rd – 5th Dan), United Taekwondo Alliance (3rd – 5th), ITF-USA (1st – 3rd Dan) and Home of the International Taekwondo Federation (4th Dan).

He has also served the position of Region 1 Director for the United Taekwondo Alliance. On July 27, 2018 Mr. Joe Simon earned the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in the United Taekwondo Alliance.

Mr Simon is also a graduate of the University of Memphis with Degrees in Business Administration and History.

KaLyn Williams

Taekwon-Do University Bartlett
Assistant Directors

I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama but I moved to Memphis at the age of 18 to further my education and pursue my career in advertising. My love for education and passion for creativity is what drives me as a mentor. I want to help children fall in love with learning something new everyday and finding new, creative ways express themselves.

“And though she be but little she is fierce” -Shakespeare

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