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Call today:  (901) 794-1800
Summer Camp


In the Summer of 2020, Summer Sports Camp will be Fun, Healthy & Safe.

Due to the current situation, we are limiting our camp to a safe & controllable amount of campers. Camp hours are from 7am - 6pm.

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In the Summer of 2020, Summer Sports Camp will feature Junior American Ninja Warrior Training and Competition.

Each Taekwondo University will have their own team of Junior American Ninja Warriors.

Daily, the coaches will training and preparing their team for the Championship win.

At the end of the summer, each Team will compete against the other teams for the Championship Win and Bragging Rights for the year of 2020.

At the beginning of camp, each Ninja Warrior will be weighed and measured, as well as, be given a physical evaluation.

Every day, they will have special workout and complete obstacle courses that will train them to become a The World’s Greatest “Junior American Ninja Warrior”.

At the end of the summer, they will be weighed, measured & evaluated again to show their own personal improvements.

At the end of the summer, they will also compete against the other teams for the prize of The World’s Greatest “Junior American Ninja Warrior!”

Are you ready for your Ninja to have the “time of their life” while striving for the Championship Title of The Greatest Junior American Ninja Warrior?


Each University will only accept 75 Ninja’s per team, so Reserve your enrollment now!

The Junior American Ninja Warrior Summer Camp will be open from 7am – 6pm per day.

Each University will only accept 75 Ninja’s per team, so Reserve your enrollment now!

The Junior American Ninja Warrior Summer Camp will be open from 7am – 6pm per day.

A one-time Registration Fee: $199 (includes a Taekwondo University uniform, an equipment bag, and all of the field trips)

Weekly Ninja Training Tuition: $109
Taekwondo Classes: $24
Total: $133

What to Bring to Camp
Athletic shoes are required daily. As most of the day is spent outside, please dress your Ninja for play and for the appropriate temperature. Ninja’s should be prepared to play everyday. Pack all personal items in a camp tote or backpack clearly labeled with your Ninja’s name.

Parent-Provided Lunch
Ninja’s must bring a non-perishable lunch and beverage daily. We recommend you use only insulated lunch boxes or freezer bags to ensure the temperature of the lunch is not impacted by the natural heat. Your Ninja can bring lunches in coolers packed with ice, blue-ice or frozen fruit juices. The Taekwondo University does not provide refrigeration for lunches. The staff is not responsible for food preparation or heating meals. Please mark all lunches with your Ninja’s first and last name.

Summer Camp Registration is NOW OPEN! Don't wait -- Call Today!

Suggested Lunch Items:
Cold Cut Sandwiches. String cheese/whole wheat crackers. Fruit/Vegetables-Orange, Apple, Pear, Raisins, Celery/Carrot Sticks, Banana Desserts-Crackers, Dried Fruit, Muffins, Granola Bars, Trail Mix
Beverages – Water (Preferred), Fruit Juice
Remember, your Ninja will be more physically active than during the school day and will need to eat more.
Please do not send soda, chewing gum, candy, sugar-laced beverages.
If your Ninja has any food or environmental allergies, please provide that info on the emergency contact form.

Afternoon snacks are provided to the Ninjas such as: cheese, baked chips/crackers, apple slices, bananas, grapes, oranges, apple sauce, carrot sticks/ranch dressing, popcorn. (Ninjas are more than welcome to supplement snacks provided with their own food)

Due to the structure of our day, Ninjas will be physically active and outside the majority of the time. It is critical that they stay hydrated and bring a refillable water bottle.
Our coaches are trained to schedule hydration periods so everyone can refill their bottles. Glass bottles are not allowed.


In order to attend field trips, Ninjas must arrive at their University no later than 8:30 a.m, unless otherwise told of an alternate time.
Ninjas do not have the option to stay at the Taekwondo University if they do not want to attend the scheduled field trip. Parents must find alternative care if their Ninja cannot attend the field trip or arrive at the departure time,
We do not allow parents to drop-off or pick-up Ninjas at the field trip location. This is for the safety of your child and the accountability measures we have in place. In the event of an emergency due to behavior or medical needs, parents may be required to pick their child up from a field trip location.

The Taekwondo University Camp shirt must be worn on all field trip days.

Some field trips will require a sack lunch. Check your weekly newsletter for specific details.
Please do not send any additional money with your child to use on field trip days.

All children are transported on 12 and 15 passenger vans and maintained in accordance with all DOT standards. Most all buses are equipped with air-conditioning for the comfort of our Ninjas. All Taekwondo University camp bus drivers hold a valid driver’s license and are ensured by our insurance provider.

Additionally, we require our qualified drivers to:

  • • Drive safely, carefully, and courteously.
  • • Obey all traffic laws and posted signage – especially speed limits and parking restrictions.
  • • Always exercise extreme caution and great judgement when boarding or dropping off children.
  • • Account for every child scheduled to be transported.
  • • Ensure that all passengers are following our transportation rules.

Sign in/out Procedures

Each Ninja must be signed into our programs by an adult 18 years or older. No child, regardless of circumstances, will be allowed to leave the care of the Taekwondo University staff with an unauthorized person. Your child will only be released to the people you have listed on the Emergency Contact Form. We will not release your child to anyone else unless we have written authorization from you.

Late Pick Up Policy

Ninjas must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. If an emergency arises and you are unable to reach the University by close, please let us know when we can expect your child to be picked up. There is a 5 minute grace period without late fee. When parents are late, a fee of $1 per minute starting at 6:05 will be automatically drafted with weekly fee for the upcoming week of service. If the child is picked up late on three or more occasions, their participation in the program may be suspended or terminated. The late pick up policy is strictly followed and enforced.

Text Messaging

In order to communicate quickly and effectively with our parents, we use a texting service to share important information with you about your child. Texts will be sent to the primary parent or guardian who registers the child or is listed as the primary in the account. Texts will also be sent if there is an important update concerning schedules or other important emails. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, a text alert will be sent. Please make sure that your email and cell phone number is up to date to make sure information is received.

Late Fee: $15 is assessed to late payments.
Cancellation Policy: A 2 week written notice sent to

Summer Camp Registration is NOW OPEN! Don't wait -- Call Today!